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We give meaning to the cloud

Consulting and software architecture
for cloud-based solutions

Whether in start-ups or large corporations, software is an essential component of many business processes today. This often gives rise to the question of how system efficiency can be increased by using modern cloud technology or by developing software based on microservices, for example. As certified solution architects of Amazon Web Services, we can help you answer this question. There is, after all, still often untapped potential within this interplay of reliable architecture, cloud hosting, and project and cost controlling.

Mission and services of MEDIACODERS Kiel GmbH (PDF, 40 MB)

AWS certified Solutions Architect - AssociateMember of Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V.


Our services have been proven in a variety of scenarios. Here is just a small selection of some of the areas in which we have worked for our customers in recent years. We will be more than happy to discuss with you how we could specifically assist you with your project.



Before developing new software, we work together with you to analyze the processes to be digitalized, design reliable cloud architecture, and draft operating processes that include fail-over scenarios. We also provide you with support during the productive use of the software, for example by optimizing the operating costs or with scaling scenarios.



Simply migrating existing software to the cloud rarely results in increased efficiency or lower costs directly. To achieve these effects, the software often needs to be adapted to the specific capabilities of the cloud environment. We can develop concepts to increase the efficiency of your software in the cloud.



The majority of the software used by companies today has a monolithic structure. This means the software is a large, closed shop solution that is difficult to scale when it comes to changing requirements. We free your software from these structures and plan highly scalable solutions for you based on cloud technology.

Change management

Change management

Often the right solution simply requires a different perspective or a minor change of course. We can support companies with consulting on change management, to restructure processes or systems.

Project schedule

Our project schedules are always custom-tailored to your specific project. This sample project schedule will, however, give you a general idea of our approach:

Our projects generally kick off with an initial, non-binding meeting in which we aim to establish your requirements and get an initial idea of the relevant objectives.

In the next phase, we collect data and requirements in a workshop or small field study at your company, in order to create the foundation for the subsequent architecture phase.

In the architecture phase, we create the right software and operating architecture for your desired solution. For us, these two elements go hand in hand. We improve our plans through iterations.

In the implementation phase, we collaborate closely with the relevant developers and solution providers and, on request, can also take care of project and cost monitoring through testing and roll-out.

Once the solution is in operation, we handle the optimization of the cloud environment and the monthly operating costs. We can also conduct employee training in conjunction with our partners.


We are always working discreetly in the background for our customers, which include e-commerce companies, digital agencies, software providers, sales houses, and media companies. For this reason, we do not include a detailed reference list here. We will, however, be more than happy to provide you with contacts for a personal reference when we speak to you personally.


Interested in our assistance for your project? Then please feel free to contact us, with no obligation:

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